volt34 (volt34) wrote in ljnh,

Other Free Staters?

I finally had enough of the leftist government, silly gun laws, and high taxes, in Massachusetts and left Boston for New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project. Are there any other Freestaters in this group? I live in Salem, NH and it would be cool to meet some people in the area. I'm single, child free, and a techie. Working with computers is my 9x5. I'm very slowly working on a bio/immunology degree. And, I have been working on a military contracting start-up. So, my time is pretty limited. But, I manage to get a weekend to myself every once in a while. I mostly enjoy stuff out in nature since I spend so much of my day-to-day time in front on a computer (i.e. hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.). I've very competitive and amateur sports/racing in NH would probably be fun. I'll probably get a sport motorcycle in the summer. I'm not really into music/clubs, anymore... kind of out grown that.

Most people I have met so far have been through my local Catholic Church (St. Joseph's Parish) and the local Republican party groups... (I can't believe how strong the party is here in NH. It's a nice and welcome change from Mass.) But, I'm not really into politics and the people I've met at Church are mostly younger than me or married w/ kids.

P.S. Does anyone here do Cross-Fit or know of a gym with a Cross-Fit program?
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