volt34 (volt34) wrote in ljnh,

New Hampshire Liberty Forum

The New Hampshire Liberty Forum is 1 week away!

Tickets are SOLD OUT to the Friday night Fundraising dinner. But tickets for the rest of the event are still available. You can buy them online at http://www.nhlibertyforum.com/ .

See speakers such as Judge Andrew Napolitano, Angela Keaton, Representative Dan Itse, William Grigg, Ernest Hancock, Stewart Rhodes, Jacob Hornberger, David Friedman and MANY MORE. See http://www.nhlibertyforum.com/ for schedule and more speakers.

Online sales end on Sunday night so buy today. You can buy day passes to the event at the event but not the meals....

So don't miss out and buy your tickets online NOW!

Use discount code 2010LPNH for 10% off!
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