Sachael (sachael) wrote in ljnh,

NH folks are the best

This morning Mom and I set out to go shopping in North Conway. We were about 10 minutes out on Rte. 153 when the car engine let out a hideous wail and smoke started pouring out from under the hood. We pulled over and immediately called my husband and our mechanic to send a towtruck. About 30 minutes later the flatbed arrived and all was well.

The great part of this story is: On this lonely stretch of road, at least 12 drivers pulled over to offer assistance, a ride, or the use of their phones. Elderly ladies, cars full of teenagers, a charming police officer from the town of Freedom, a couple with NY plates. They ALL stopped to help. I was grateful and humbled by the kindness of these strangers. So I just wanted to say thank you, neighbors. You're the best, and you can bet I'll pay it forward next time I come across a stranded traveler.
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