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Alright, I made this community for those of you who live in New Hampshire, live near New Hampshire, or are just interested in New Hampshire.

See, out of boredom I would frequently look for new LJ friends from New Hampshire. I just recently noticed that while there were many LJ users from New Hampshire, there really wasn't a community for them.

So, first thing's first; a few basic rules. Do not spam. Do we understand? Do not ask for a lj code, promote irrelevant communities, etc.

Basically you can discuss anything here: Shows, particular places/hangouts, schools, weather, local politics, etc.

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  • 7-eleven, attitash, bare feet, being a teenager, being outdoors, berlin, boonies, boston red sox, bretton woods, camping, cannon mountain, clark's trading post, colby-sawyer college, concord, conway, cruising, danbury, dartmouth college, days at the beach, derry, drinking, druids, durham, exeter, fall, fenway park, franconia notch, franklin, franklin pierce college, friends, ghost hunting, gorham, grass, hampton, hanover, having fun, hicks, hiking, hippies, house parties, incest, jaffrey, jumping in leaves, kancamagus highway, keene, keene state college, laconia, lake winnipesaukee, lakes region, lebanon, littleton, local music, loitering, londonderry, loon mountain, maine, manchester, manchester monarchs, massachusetts, meredith, merrimack river, milford, mini golf, monadnock, mount washington, mountains, movie theaters, mud, music, nashua, new england, new england college, new england patriots, new hampshire, new hampshire fisher cats, nh, north conway, parties, pawn shops, pick-up trucks, pictures, playing in the rain, plymouth, plymouth state university, portsmouth, road trips, rochester, saco river, shaws, shopping, shows, skiing, skipping class, small towns, smoking out, snow, snowboarding, snowmobiling, southern new hampshire university, st. anselm college, staying up, storyland, strawberry banke, summer, summer camp, sun, swimming, the balsams, the beach, the kank, the word wicked, tilton, trailor parks, trees, unh, university of new hampshire, vermont, wal-mart, waterville valley, whale's tale, white mountains, wicked good, wildcat, winter, wolfeboro

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